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Magical Mirror or Magical You?

Have you ever heard about the magical Mirror in the story of SnowWhite. I am sure you have ! All these years we all have been thinking that such a magical mirror exist only in fictions but what if I tell you that they are in real! Yes, we get so busy with our life focusing on the real life issues that we forget the magic around us. But what holds the magic the mirror or us? Every morning we get up and what we do first is go and check ourselves in mirror don’t we ? Comon ladies you can’t deny this also my dear guys don’t hide this even you all do the same. People that ordinary mirror in our bedroom is magical one and what gives that mirror it’s power? It’s the way we think we feel about ourselves. Yes ! The mirror reflects our thoughts, our imagination. It shows us what we want to see. I got up in the morning had my bath, wore my favorite dress applied perfect makeup. Won’t I feel happy confident and beautiful! Hold on I ran towards my mirror oh my god! I look so beautiful. Here my dear fellas it’s because I feel beautiful from inside I can see it. Later this afternoon I got up from a long nap. I am wearing my sweatshirt, my pajamas, my hair is messed up, dark circles, oily skin Eww!! I feel so ugly ! Sad part my mirror also reflects my feelings too.

Guys, magical Mirror gets its power from our own thinking. If we feel happy, positive and beautiful about ourselves the mirror will reflect in the same way. The power lies in you and the mirror my dear friends keeps you reminding this fact.

So let me rephrase what I said at the beginning of this blog guyz magic lies in you and not in the mirror

Next time you see yourself in mirror first feel beautiful from inside.

Happy and beautiful that’s what out mirror wants us to be!


We often see women getting portrayed in pictures, poems, stories, quotes or blogs. Their beauty, purity, flaws, emotions are expressed in an artistic way by writers all over the world but here in this blog I am going to portray a man who made a dead soul alive. Here we go, hope you will like it.
Sunny a simple guy with a simple yet funny name. He entered my life out of nowhere and played the role of an angel in my life. He has the power to make you feel alive his smile can destroy darkness, his thoughts makes you positive, he makes you laugh, his eyes are full of love and passion yet his arms are strong enough to hold responsibilities and all the worries of life yet he won’t expect anything from you in return. He is an animal lover rather we can say he is loved by every creature in this world, he believes in souls and not the physical beauty. He is full of life, energy and love.He is that person who’s gonna fight your demons, who’s gonna bring the best in you. He makes you forget the world and their criticism, he makes you feel secure and happy, he pretends to be childish but trust me behind this face there’s a person fully loaded with responsibilities, tensions and struggles. He is human struggling like us having self-doubts, criticised by people, faced failures, gets hurt yet he is different. What makes him different then? No matter how his life would be he will always have a smile on his face, he will always respect people even though they have caused him harm, he will always be positive because he believes in himself, he believes in God, he believes in hardwork, he believes in hope. He will always be there to wipe your tears and make you smile again. Yes he cries at night yet his eyes will be full of love and kindness the next day. Sunny just like the name is bright and full of energy whether it be summer, winter, monsoon or the worst day of his life when you meet him he will greet you with his warm smile. He will act like nothing has happened he will make sure that you won’t get affected by him in a bad way. He tries his best to keep you happy he kills himself everyday just to keep his people alive. He feeds himself on. He proves to be a perfect brother, father, best friend , boyfriend and will be a perfect husband too.
Sunny is the best example of an angel spreading love and happiness residing in this materialistic world of humans.
I am thankful to have Sunny in my life because he made my dead soul alive. Everyone in world have or will have his/her Sunny wether it be a girl a boy an animal or anyone just thank them because they strive hard just to see that smile on your face.

Alone makes me stronger

‌Today’s generation thinks being alone is a sign of depression and that a person is a loner and pretty boring to hang out with. Well I don’t agree with this.Do you know why the number of people falling in depression is rising? It’s because they are afraid to be alone.Yes being alone is not bad ,it’s simply means you are strong and capable enough to handel your own self. We do need people but only those who match up with us. Today we don’t have time to deal with unnecessary drama, tantrums and emotions. Those who don’t respect us we simply have to cut them out. Imagine you’re in a group where your views, your desires, your emotions are not considered and yet you can’t leave them because you’re afraid that after leaving them you might be Alone. Kill that fear , cut them off be alone for a month or two start concentrating on your own self, concentrate on your studies, on your work, on your health. Learn new things , improve yourself, read new books gather knowledge as much as possible and trust me you’ll be rewarded with some good bunch of people. Sometime you’ve to increase your level to get what you deserve. Alone makes your stronger more focused. Away from the chaos find some inner peace I bet it will help you to grow. Be kind to yourself be your own best friend get some positive vibes.
Being alone is not a curse but a blessing or rather a chance to look upon yourself again!!

Chance to Live

Life is filled with problems, criticism,doubts, depression,negativity and each and every person is fighting his/her own battle. We cry, we feel sad, we feel lonely and then we get lost in the dark nights where our demons reside.

But yes each one of us gets a second chance. A chance to smile again, a chance to laugh again, a chance to trust again, a chance to love again, a chance to learn, yes a chance to live again, because life is all about getting up again no matter how many times we fall! We get a chance to hit the restart button, only we should be able to see it, because such chances never comes wrapped in a gift in the hands of Santa Claus. It’s comes in different forms. To get this opportunity what we need is ‘inspiration’ and inspiration can come from anything whether it be a book , a story of your colleague, a song , an incident you witnessed, a friend or a soulmate or just a moment! And then all of sudden your skies are cleared and a new ray of hope enters and your life is filled with positivity and happiness.

So just believe in life, it will give you a second chance don’t let your demons kill you be strong because –

For every dark night there is a brighter day!

Harriet Morgan

Walk Out

Are you brave enough to walk out?

Life is full of up’s and down’s .In fact I will say life is unfair, it never gives us things in the same way we wanted it to be. We don’t get the type of people we actually want to vibe with. We often face situations which are not in our favour, meet people who don’t respect us, judge us or talk to us only for their selfish purpose.

But tell me one thing what do we do about this? Do we face it , confront them, save ourselves? Do we just walk out ? The answer is No! Because the reason is we are afraid to loose them.

What we don’t understand is such people,such situations come camouflaged with an appealing mask and that makes us get involved into them and when their mask falls off we just can’t take their dark reality. Have you ever come across a situation where you know a person since your childhood or over quite long time and all of sudden they changed into someone you’ll never thought of talking to. It hurts right? But what do we do? We are the one’s who sacrifice everything for them,we are the one’s who gets scared by the thought of loosing them but what we don’t notice that they don’t even feel about us in the same way , not even 1%.

Learn to Walk Out!

When we don’t get respect we deserve, when we don’t get that love we deserve just walk out. Be brave enough to confront the reality,accept it and walk out . Whether it be friendship, relationship, family, a job , a place , a life, just walk out. Be concerned about your own feelings about your self respect. The people who are meant to be with you will stay no matter what .Not everyone in your life deserves a second chance.

Walking out from something which is no longer in favour with you is a sign of bravery and not of being a coward.

What is a friend?

Some say a friend is a family member, some say a friend is an angel, for some a friend is his/her first love ,crush and for some a soulmate .
For me friend is that person who shows you a different side of life.Different side as in a perfect side which everyone wishes for.Yes we do wish for such a life where everything is Perfect full off love adventure 100% emotions sincerity and yes fun. A friend gives you this or rather gives you a glimpse of such a life but unfortunately it’s temporary. Friends ain’t permanent and also not this perfect life.They come and go give you different views about life ,everyone plays their unique role and at the end you are left with memories and you know what, I have started loving this. Accepting the fact of people being temporary brought me peace ,got many good people privileged to have them as my friends some became so close that I can’t make difference between them and my family..but yes everyone has to leave one day and yes you have to accept it.
A friend is temporary person who gives you lifetime memories.

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